27 April 2016

Mommy|Daughter Bucket List

Maddy will be turning 5 in three months and every time I think about it, it's like a kick in my gut. Time truly does slip away from us so quickly and it seems like the older I get, the faster the clock starts ticking.

The time I have with my baby girl is precious. It's hard to imagine that in 13 short years, she'll be going out into the world as an adult - all on her own and without me around to constantly protect her. I think about what I was doing 13 years ago and to me, it seems just like yesterday so I know that now, these upcoming years will evaporate right in front of my eyes. It's important that I try to do the best I can at sharing, capturing and making the most of these short years I have with Maddy.

So I'm on it like white on rice. I've put together a working bucket list of things that I want to do with my best girl. There is no age limit and while I'd like to accomplish most of these things before Chickie leaves home, I'd be happy to carry it on throughout our lives. 

Mommy Daughter Bucket List #parenting #motherhood #workingmoms

1. A mommy | Maddy photo shoot. Just me and my fabulous girl.

2. Create a signature family recipe.

3. Teach her how to change a flat tire.

4. Get up early to watch a sunrise.

5. Cuddle under a blanket and watch a sunset.

6. Go to a concert together and totally rock that shit.

7. Have a spa weekend together.

8. Test drive a dream car that we have no intention of buying.

9. Volunteer in the community together.

10. Have a classic black and white movie marathon.

11. Do a cheesy department store makeover.

12. Go to a Broadway play.

13. Bury a time capsule that only we know its location and dig it up years later.

14. Keep a mommy|daughter journal that we write letters in to each other back and forth.

15. Take her to the places where I grew up: high school, college, etc.

16. Achieve an athletic milestone together: marathon, hiking, climb a mountain, etc.

17. Surprise her one morning with a school skip day then enjoy a day together of lunch, going to the movies, and shopping.

18. Enjoy a professional sporting event together.

19. Go with her to help her open her first checking account. Teach her how to keep a checkbook and how to avoid credit cards at all costs. Get her mind financially savvy and strong.

20. Travel abroad.

21. Bake together.

22. Go camping, make s'mores, and tell ghost stories by the campfire.

23. Sleep in until 9 a.m...Just once.

24. Have a water balloon fight.

25. Do a lemonade stand and donate all the money to a charity of M's choice.

26. Host a tea party.

27. Make mud pies and dive on the slip and slide.

28. Run through, and play in, the sprinkler in the front yard.

29. Buy her one great purse and an amazing pair of shoes.

30. Teach her how to cook.

31. Share her initiation day into Kappa Delta. Pin her using my pin from my initiation. Love my little KD legacy!

So how about you? What are some things you want to check off your bucket list with your child?

25 April 2016

Maddy Monday

When I found out I was pregnant, I knew with all my being that I was having a boy. When Michael and I would go to look at clothing, or bedding or anything baby, I would gravitate towards the boy items. We talked about boy names and I researched everything boy.

Oh boy was I wrong.

When the ultrasound tech told me I was having a girl, my head exploded. I just knew I was supposed to be having a boy, so much so that I asked her to check again. Sure enough, there was no dingle in my daughter’s anatomy. Our baby was indeed all girl and I was floored. My parents raised 3 girls – three. How either of them has any hair left on their heads to this day is beyond me and that’s all I could think of at the time – girls are drama. Girls are crazy chaotic. Girls will turn your life upside down.

22 April 2016


A sneak peek into a few of our Instagram squares as of late.

Spring Has Sprung.
The weather has finally decided to switch gears to spring here in PA so we’ve been able to enjoy a lot of great time outside. Having a kid who LOVES the outdoors is hell during the winter so now that warmer temps have made an appearance, we’re outside as much as possible. One of Maddy’s favorite things to do is blow bubbles. It’s such a simple pleasure, blowing bubbles. Kids love bubbles. I wish anything in the world made me as happy as Maddy is when she’s outside playing in the suds.

20 April 2016

All Moms Are Working Moms

All Moms Are Working Moms #workingmoms #parenting #motherhood

Dear Working Moms:

Today, you’re all on my mind. Whether your office is in a professional building or in the comfort of your own home, I’ve been thinking about you. Whether you’re a married mom or a single mom, whether you dress up in a suit to go into the city or slide on your yoga pants in the morning to take care of your kids for the day, it’s important to say…

We’re all working moms.

One does not negate the other. One does not outshine the other. One is not even remotely better than the other. Regardless of whether or not you work outside or inside of the home, if you’re a mom…

You’re a working mom.

19 April 2016

I'm Not Asleep...But That Doesn't Mean I'm Awake!

Last week, I had a conversation with a girlfriend of mine regarding kiddos and sleep. I mentioned that even though Maddy is getting ready to turn 5 in July, she still doesn't sleep through the night. I would say that 99.9% of the time, she will wake up during the night anywhere between one to four times. Maybe once a month she'll sleep an entire night without waking up {that's a huge maybe} but the norm is to wake up each night and usually multiple times.

The odd thing about this whole situation is that Maddy started sleeping through the night when she was two months old. It was such a huge blessing at the time because I was just returning to work from maternity leave and was really stressing about how I was going to be a solid, high-producing working mom with a new baby who may or may not sleep. Fortunately for me, she slept and slept really, really well. We'd put her down for bed at 8 p.m. and she would stay asleep until around 7 a.m. the next morning. For around nine months, Michael and I enjoyed blissful, uninterrupted rest and then one day without warning, it stopped...and it has been a horrific series of events since. 

09 April 2016

Week In Review

Happy weekend, friends!

If you missed any posts from this week well, you’re in luck! I’ve collected them all right here in one place for your reading pleasure. 

07 April 2016

Three Thoughts on Thursday

Hi. My name is Courtney, and I’m a cruise addict. Last month, Michael and I went on a seven day Caribbean cruise through Half Moon Cay, Bahamas, Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Key West. It was GLORIOUS. This was my first cruise experience and to say I loved it would be a huge understatement.

Confession: On the last night during dinner, the ship’s staff did this “bon voyage song/dance” kind of thing and guess who was crying like a little baby because she didn’t want to leave the ship?

06 April 2016

Mommy Confessions

ONE. Four and a half years after my C-Section and I still have this stupid little “flap” of skin that just hangs over my belly. Most days, my scar reminds me of being the bad ass mother that I am; strong, capable and willing to do what it takes to be a good mother, but other days? Other days, it makes me feel disgusting and I wonder how anyone could ever want to see me naked.

TWO. When Maddy isn’t looking, I bag up for donation or throw away old toys, stuffed animals and randomly collected junk. Very rarely do I ever feel bad about this.

THREE. When I found out my ex-husband was cheating on me, I used his toothbrush to clean the toilets.

FOUR. I read an article online today that said you shouldn’t wash your vagina with soap? Tha fuck? How is it supposed to get clean? Asking for a friend…

FIVE. On our list of DVR shows for Maddy, I purposefully try to get her to watch Peppa Pig. Not because I think its good programming for her (which it is) but because I totally LOVE it.

SIX. I haven’t actually mopped our kitchen floor in about two months. Only spot cleaned. Sometimes life happens and I don’t feel the least bit disgusted or bad about it!

SEVEN. Teaching Maddy to be kind and forgiving is hard sometimes, especially when other kids are just little shits and I want to tell her to drop kick them and keep it moving.

EIGHT. We still have our Christmas tree up and I LOVE it. I give zero fucks what other people think.

Now it’s your turn! What do you have to confess this week?

04 April 2016

But You're Laughing! You Can't Have Depression!

When I heard about Robin William’s passing in 2014, I wasn’t surprised and shocked to hear the news as most people were. Instead, what I felt was an immense amount of sadness and a deep connection to a man I had never met and all I could do was shake my head and say a prayer. My heart immediately knew why he had left this world because my life, like so many millions of other peoples’ lives, have dealt with, and been affected by, depression and mental health issues. 

But You're Laughing! You Can't Have Depression! #depressionawareness #depression #parenting

I am a mother who struggles with depression. Most days are good. I am one of the very few, fortunate souls who have found a medication that works to fill in the gaps in my mind that otherwise without meds, would leave it imbalanced and incomplete. And while my medication works its magic quietly behind the scenes to keep my brain from turning on me, I know all too well that it will never be a cure for my illness and that at any time, my meds could stop working. It is always a game of Russian roulette. Some days are good, some days are bad. Step up to the plate and spin the wheel. 

When the news of Robin William’s death broke, millions of people made comments such as:

“I had no idea he was struggling.”
“But he was a comedian. He was always laughing. He made me laugh.”
“I never knew he struggled with depression and bi-polar disorder.”

And that’s usually how it goes but it’s also the point – depression doesn’t discriminate. Depression is real. It is a horrible, unforgiving disease that is relentless in consuming its victims. People who suffer from depression can't help their disease any more than they can help the color of their eyes. It is a medical, biological imbalance. And while most who suffer still cling to hope of a cure - or just one peaceful day - a large majority suffer in silence daily with no peace and no refuge. There is no hiding from depression and bi-polar illness. Instead, there is only masking. Mask the pain. Mask the struggle. Mask the voices. 

I know this game well. I’ve played it many, many times in my life. 

“Smile. Don’t let them see you hurt.”
“Laugh, make jokes, and be “normal” so they don’t see the tears.”
“Talk and think positively to shut out all the self-hate and self-loathing.”

It makes sense that most people would have never known Robin was sick and how he had the amazing ability to naturally fit the roles of drastic, struggling human emotion given to him with such ease. It always made sense to me. He was good at playing the roles of struggle and covering his illness because he was struggling

And I have too. 

I am a healthy woman. I have a beautiful daughter and loving partner. I have a great job, wonderful friends, and an amazing and supportive family…a great life yet – some days – this isn’t enough to fight off the demons of depression and the voices that tell me “You are not good enough. Nothing will ever be good enough.” My brain has tried to convince me many, many times that the world would be better off without me. That I’m no good. That I’ll never do anything right or amount to anything so why bother. My own brain – attacking me. 

With depression and bi-polar disease, your brain will lie to you, it will turn on you. Of course it’s all lies, but in a depressive episode, you can’t and won’t distinguish between reality and the lies. It is a gut-wrenching battle that never ends. 

If you take nothing else away from this post today, please let it be this: Those who suffer from any form of mental illness, whether it be big or small, are not flawed, crazy individuals. No one would ever choose to suffer from mental illness because that’s what it is – an illness. Just as you would have empathy, sympathy, and understanding for anyone going through another kind of illness (cancer, contagious disease, etc.), those suffering from mental illness deserve nothing less than the same compassion. If you are not familiar with mental illness in any of its capacities, I urge you to check out the National Alliance on Mental Illness website and get yourself educated on the facts of mental illness and do what you can to help those suffering find a way home. A way to peace.

When I heard the news of Robin William’s passing, all I could do was cry and understand because I have been there too. I know how close I’ve been to feeling his struggle and how his path could very well have been mine.

10 March 2016

Three Thoughts on Thursday

ONE. Why do parents insist on sharing pictures of their kid’s nasty, bloody, hole-filled mouths after losing teeth? Call me crazy but I’ve never once looked at one of those pictures and thought, “How adorable!” Quite the opposite, actually and they seem to be multiplying like BeBe’s kids on Facebook and IG these days. Little Johnny loses a tooth. Mommy grabs the camera and snaps a few shots of Johnny’s mouth including the bare socket where said tooth once sat and immediately posts to social media. Am I crazy to think this is a little much and a whole lot nasty? By all means, celebrate the milestones but I don’t need to see that. No one does.

TWO. I know I’m the lone nut ball living in this village but it makes me sad that winter is on its way out. I really despise summertime, y’all. I get zero joy out of boob sweat, humidity, bugs and high A/C bills. And let’s not even mention my white girl Afro.

THREE. At the risk of sounding preachy (do I really care? No.) I'm not sure when this phenomenon of bashing the dead became the "it" thing to do. It seems that with easy access to social media, allowing anyone and everyone to verbally vomit anything and everything at the drop of a hat coupled with our hate-filled society, we can't even let people die in peace anymore. Over the past week, my Facebook timeline has been riddled with hateful and demeaning commentary towards Nancy Reagan, a woman which chances are, none of these people knew. Sure, you may not have liked or agreed with her politics but is it worth it? All the hate? I pray every day that the good Lord allows me and my family to find a way out of this country because aside from what you may think, it’s not the guns, or the illegal immigrants, or abortions that's tearing this country apart. It's all this hate that is *really* destroying us as a nation...and I want no part of it.

What thoughts have been on your mind lately?

04 March 2016

Five on Friday

ONE. It’s time to go and see the world. Year after year, I promise myself that I’m going to travel and year after year, it doesn’t happen. Sure, we go to Georgia to see my parents but I mean, that doesn’t count. I’m talking about TRAVEL: See the world. Experience new places, customs and people. When 2016 rolled around, travel once again landed on my bucket list for this year but unlike years past, I’m happy to report that it will actually be accomplished this year.

At the end of this month, Michael and I are going on a {childless!} seven day cruise to Half Moon Cay Bahamas, Cozumel, Grand Cayman and Key West. To say I’m excited would be a HUGE understatement. I can barely stand myself. Holland America Line probably doesn’t understand what they’re getting themselves into by letting me on their boat but they’re about to find out. I plan on enjoying every minute of our all-inclusive, stuff your face silly with food, lay on the beach, swim with dolphins, zip line and drink and love life adventure. Bring it.

TWO. Bookworms. Lately, we’ve gotten into the habit of taking Maddy to Barnes and Noble on Saturday mornings and while some may call it boring and routine, I’ve actually come to look forward to it during the week. Growing up, I loved books. I still do, and I love to read. In my teen years, you could always find me with my nose stuck in a book. “Courtney, go clean your room.” Nope. I’m going to sit in my bed and read a book. #truestory

Now that I have a daughter of my own, it makes me so happy that she loves books, too. I feel like it’s something we can share together and it’s definitely great quality time together. Last weekend, Barnes and Noble did a Dr. Seuss reading time with activities and it was actually really good! Maddy loved it and let’s be honest, it keeps her occupied long enough for mommy and daddy to get a little break.

THREE. Speaking of Dr. Seuss, this week was Seuss week at school to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s birthday. Every day was a different theme but my favorite had to be Tuesday – crazy hair day.

FOUR. My current take on politics these days…

FIVE. When I made my car payment this week, I realized that on May 1st, my car will be paid in full. When I bought my car in 2010, paying it off seemed like a zillion years away but here it is. One less debt to worry about and more money in my pocket every month. I can’t wait to put that car payment money into paying off some other debt and let’s be honest, spoiling me a little bit. Paying off your car calls for new summer clothes, right?

What’s going on in your world? Have a great weekend!

25 February 2016

To The Boy Who Told My Daughter She Isn't Pretty Enough to Play With

I knew immediately when I picked Maddy up from school yesterday that something was wrong. The happy-go-lucky, funny and vibrant little girl that normally greets me at the end of the day was replaced by a more reserved, shy and quiet statue. Instead of running to the car with glee as she normally would, she walked quietly by my side as if we were taking our last steps off the plank.

We got in the car, buckled up and pulled away from school. As I normally do, I asked how her day was. “Fine,” she answered in a short, clipped voice. We rode in silence for a few minutes until she piped up from the backseat in a sad, confused tone.

“Mommy, am I pretty?”
“Of course, baby. On the inside and out. Why do you ask?”
“Because why?”
“Well, Ethan told me today that he wouldn’t play with me because I’m not pretty enough.”

And then, for the first time as a mom, my heart broke in a million pieces for my daughter. Not because a boy told her that she wasn’t pretty enough. I don’t put value in such superficial things. My heart broke because for the first time, at the young age of four and a half, she questioned her self-worth and value to others. In her mind, she had been told that she wasn’t good enough to play with simply by the way she looked…and she believed it. To make matters worse, these comments have been going on for a while now in many different shapes and forms. He’s apparently picked on her for quite some time and up until yesterday, Maddy has kept it all to herself.

If I’m being honest and fair, I know that kids can be mean. Not always in an intentional way, but it happens. I know that in their innocence, they say and do things that they don’t realize are hurtful and damaging to others. I know that small children at this age are just beginning to soak up all they see and hear in the world and in their own way, begin to use said knowledge as they feel it applies. On the flipside, I also know that there are mean kids. Whether it has to do with a lack of parenting in the home or whatever the case may be, the fact remains that there are children in this world who are just plain mean and as a result, their hatefulness rubs off on others.

Knowing and accepting all of this, I’m still pissed. I’m upset for many reasons. I’m upset that a boy at the age of four (FOUR!!) has this mentality. A mentality that he picked up from someone, somewhere in his life and was never corrected and is allowed to act this way. I’m pissed that my daughter was the recipient of his callous words. At the age of four and a half, she shouldn’t have a care in the world, let alone being forced to worry about such trivial issues like how she looks and by way of said comment, question her self-worth. I’m pissed mostly with myself that I hadn’t prepared my daughter to be strong and resilient for something like this but how could I have known? They are both children. This shouldn’t even be an issue! To even entertain this way of thinking or accept that this is the new “normal” for kids in this day and age is simply unacceptable.

And we wonder why there are so many grown women in the world with a self-worth complex and so many men who don’t know how to treat a woman. It’s the very base principals of respect, kindness and thoughtfulness that are sorely lacking in our world today, regardless of your age.

To you Ethan, I say this: Fuck your little shitty attitude and comments. You may only be four, but you’re a little shit and you’re old enough to know exactly what you’re doing. At the end of the day, I’ll try to remember that I should be more upset with your parents for not doing their job in raising you, but it’s hard. I feel sorry for you that you will miss out experiencing what so many other kids and friends of Maddy already know: that she’s a beautiful person, with a kind heart and thoughtful demeanor. You will never know that despite all of the mean things you’ve said to her, she talks fondly of you at home and still calls you friend and that, Ethan, is a beautiful little lady.

For you, my dearest Maddy, I leave you with this: You are your own divine person. God made you in His image so you are beautiful in every way. Love and forgive those who taunt and make fun of you – they need it the most. Weak people lash out at those who are strong and able. Live not to please others, but live to make a difference in the world; every day you live you will be leaving your mark on the world and the people you come in contact with – make your impression positive and make it count. Through the gifts and talents you have been blessed with use them to be an inspiration and a tool for teaching others.

If I could protect you from every bad thing in the world I would gladly take on all the pain and sadness you are currently facing and one day will be forced to endure…unfortunately most of it will come from the hands of others but know this – No one else’s feelings or words can have power over you and at the end of the day, it’s not eternal to your destiny.

01 February 2016

Pregnancy Cravings: What Baby Wants Your ‘Baby’ Gets!

I need your help (and so does The Mister). He’s working on a special book project and asked me if I would survey my readers. Of course, I said yes! Don’t worry – this survey only has one question. If you are pregnant, or ever have been pregnant, we want to know about your cravings. Food that is! We’re keeping this one clean.

What were your basic or strangest food cravings? The stranger the better, really. We all know the cliché about pickles and ice cream, but what were yours? Did you want chalk? Dirt? Ice? I’ve heard about these. Give me any combination of foods you ate together. Remember, the stranger the better. Pickled eggs on rye toast dipped in Nutella? Or was Elvis your inspiration? Peanut butter, banana and bacon sandwiches? My mom craved tuna fish and cottage cheese with my sister, Ashley. She also couldn’t live without Sweet and Sour pork! Maybe you craved pickles and ice cream, but dipped your pickles in peanut butter instead! 

I want to hear about every craving. Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Snacks? Drinks? What did you make your partner (or yourself) get in the car to go find at 3 a.m. that you simply couldn’t live without? And be specific as possible. It’s fine if you craved tuna fish sandwiches, but what were they like? Did you use a certain bread? A certain mayonnaise? A certain brand or type of tuna? Any spices drive you crazy? Did you add something unusual to your food? Did your cravings change based on the trimester? Think of every meal AND every pregnancy. Each one is different, so I hear. One-and-done here! But you already know that.

Also, just so you don’t feel left out, here is a list of my own pregnancy cravings: Mexican food (hard shell beef tacos), beer (but I didn’t have any), sushi (California rolls), and sweets (strawberry shortcake and hot fudge sundaes).

Thanks for sharing your cravings! Simply comment below. We can’t wait to hear from you.  

18 January 2016

Four Things I Learned About Myself While Parenting Alone for a Week

For the past four years, Michael has been working on several different Masters Programs and in doing so, has to report to campus twice a year for residency leaving me to be the lone parent in our little zoo. Oddly enough, Starbucks stock always seems to do very well during these two weeks during the year. Coincidence? I think not. But I digress…

When you’re used to parenting as a duo and then your right hand man is no longer around, things tend to get a little…interesting. Case in point, last year, I had just dropped Michael off at the airport and thirty minutes later, I was sitting in an emergency room with Maddy wondering if she was going to be okay. Who would have thought? Out of the blue while cruising down I-85, Maddy started foaming at the mouth and grabbing at her throat while screaming the most excruciating, ear-piercing scream I’ve ever heard. Fortunately, I knew where the closest hospital was and my parents were close by to help and be with me, and everything turned out fine but it really got me thinking:

“How do single parents do it?”

I always find myself questioning my abilities when I know I’m going to be the lone parent in charge. I think this feeling is natural for all parents but it’s one I’m not comfortable courting and entertaining. While I won’t always have the answers to everything (thanks Google!), I like to feel that in some small way, I’ve found my groove where all this parenting stuff is concerned. Having said that, there are a few things I learned about myself this past week as the lone parent that have given me the confidence to know that I’ve got this.

1.    I can trust myself to handle anything and everything. Emergency room visit? Check. Five middle of the night wake up calls resulting in limited sleep for the night? Check. Master the art of multi-tasking? Done. Dog poops on the floor while the kid poops herself? Check and double check. I have taken care of it all, and then some.

When you’ve got two sets of hands, two sets of eyes and a two against one defense, life is good but take one of those players out of the game and things become a little more challenging. It’s all up to me to make sure the little gets fed, bathed and kept alive and I’ve come to learn that over time and with a little bit of trial and error, I can make it work. Parenting alone means never getting a timeout or a moment to yourself so you’re always “on” and relied upon to have the answers to anything and to do everything. I credit keeping a good routine and schedule coupled with a little TV/movie time (don’t judge). Some days, it’s simply about survival but at the end of the day, I can look back and know I did a good job and did it by myself.

2.   I know I am enough. When you’re parenting alone, it’s easy to doubt your ability to be just as good a parent alone as you are when you’re with your spouse but when it’s all said and done, you are enough to give your child everything he/she needs to thrive. It’s similar to when you lose one of your major senses – the others simply become highlighted. And while Michael is such an integral and important part of our family, I know that when it’s up to me to do it alone, I’ve got this. I am enough.

3.   Real single parents deserve mad props. Very simply, being responsible for a human-being all on your own, all the time is no joke, y’all. To any of you reading this who may be a single parent, please know you have my utmost respect and admiration. 

4.   Being a single parent has forced me to ask for help more. I am not great about asking for help. Truthfully, I’d rather scoop my eyes out with a spoon than admit I need help from anyone for anything BUT I’ve learned that being the lone parent humbles you in many, many ways and that you do what is necessary for the betterment of your child. It literally does “take a village” to raise kids and I’ve learned that it’s okay to know your limitations and to ask for help when it’s needed.

16 January 2016

Week in Review

Happy weekend, friends!

If you missed any posts from this week, well you’re in luck! I’ve collected them all right here for your reading pleasure. 


As a blogger, I’m pretty much up for trying anything to keep my little space interesting as long as it fits my niche and style. Catch words to pay attention to here - almost anything. While I consider myself to be open-minded and willing to experiment with new ideas, I’ve come across a few blogging trends, five to be exact, that in my opinion, need to die. Like, yesterday. READ MORE.


Along this line, it takes a little effort to be creative in showing love and appreciation when you’re looking to spend next to nothing on gifts, trinkets, etc. Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about genuine love so shouldn’t your emotions and efforts really show it? This Valentine’s Day, or any other day, really, remind your significant other, family member or friend how much you care about them by doing some of these thoughtful gestures. READ MORE


I’ve been parenting alone since last Friday. Michael is getting his third Master’s degree online but twice a year, he has to report to campus for residency, but he will be home on Saturday. Parenting in and of itself is hard. Parenting with your spouse makes the load a little easier to bear but parenting alone? That’s a whole new ballgame. READ MORE.


It’s one of the oldest crafts you’ll see floating around on Pinterest but honestly, it’s one of the easiest, budget-friendly ones I’ve come across and attempted. Seriously. A few dollars and a little time is all it takes and in the end, your loved one has something they can treasure and read for years to come. READ MORE.

If you’re new to Shiraz In My Sippy Cup or even if you’re an old friend, don’t forget to stop by my ‘Best Of’ page to check out my reader favorites for all things parenting, life and the kiddos.

Cheers to the weekend!

15 January 2016

Made From Pinterest: 52 Things I Love About You Card Book

On Tuesday, I talked a little bit about five simple ways to show love and appreciation to those in our lives on Valentine’s Day. After all, the day is about more than flowers and chocolates so today, I thought I would share a very simple, inexpensive gift idea for that special someone in your life. The great thing about this craft is that your special someone could actually be anyone; a spouse, a friend or even your child. The flexibility this craft gives leaves lots of room for ideas and creativity.

It’s one of the oldest crafts you’ll see floating around on Pinterest but honestly, it’s one of the easiest, budget-friendly ones I’ve come across and attempted. Seriously. A few dollars and a little time is all it takes and in the end, your loved one has something they can treasure and read for years to come.

Made From Pinterest: 52 Things I Love About You Card Book. #ValentinesDay #Crafts #GiftIdeas

What You Need:
1 deck of playing cards ($1 from the Dollar Store)
2 binder rings ($1.50 at Walmart for a pack of four)
Hand held hole punch (already had on hand)
1 Elmer’s glue stick ($1 from the Dollar Store)
52 squares to write your notes on (free. I created these in under 10 minutes in Word)
Total spent: $3.50.

How You Make It:
1.       Create your 52 squares. As I mentioned above, you can either create a pattern in Word or you can simply cut 52 squares from the paper of your choice. It’s as easy as that. Once you have them created, write out a thoughtful statement for each one and then set them aside. Remember that you will have to punch holes into your cards so make sure to measure out your squares accordingly.
2.       Get your cards and your handheld punch. Take one card to use as a guide and punch two holes in the side of the card, one at the top and one at the bottom. Use this single guide card to place on top of the other cards to know where to punch your holes.
3.       Take your glue stick and place one square on each card.

4.       Allow the cards to dry. Once dry, use the binder rings to put the booklet together.
5.       Done! Wrap and give to your special someone.

This thoughtful gift is something your special someone will enjoy not only for Valentine’s Day but for years to come.

What kinds of Valentine’s Day crafts do you enjoy?