What Moms Really Want for Mother's Day {If They're Being Honest...}

May is right around the corner and with it, brings Mother’s Day.

Sure, we love the little trinkets and thoughtful gifts that are given to us every year for Mother’s Day but if I had my choice between receiving another infinity scarf or choosing from one of the “gifts” below {maybe you too if you’re being honest?}, I have to confess that I just may very well want one or all of these…

1 | A Full, Long-Term, Uninterrupted Night’s Sleep. I haven’t had extended, uninterrupted sleep since Chickie was around 9 months old. She is now getting ready to turn 4 in July. Sure, we get a night here or there but nothing consistent. Thank God for under eye concealer and coffee.

Speaking of coffee…

2 | To Finish a Cup of Hot Coffee. I can’t count the number of times my poor little cup of joe gets heated and reheated in the microwave on a regular basis. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to finish a cup of hot coffee post pregnancy. I’m starting to think this is an urban legend.

3 | To Watch Something Other than Frozen {or animated variety, period}. I wish we could just “Let It Go.” No, really. I mean let it go…like, right into the trash can.

4 | To Use The Bathroom Alone. It’s an amazing phenomenon that happens to all women the moment they become mothers. No one cares who I am or needs anything from me on the regular but let my ass hit the toilet seat and before I know it, everyone and their brother wants to call or text me or just come walking into the bathroom rattling off a list of demands {I’m looking at you, Maddy}.

Added bonus for pointing at my privates and asking “What’s that, momma?” {again, Maddy, I’m looking at you} Just once I’d love to use the bathroom without this happening…

5 | To Have a Clean Car. I’ve totally become “that mom” with the crushed Cheerios in the backseat and baby wipe packs stashed all over the car.

Finger smudges on the window? Check.
Sippy cup in the floor board? Check.
Months-old leftover Ritz snack crackers in the seat? Check and check.

My once kid-free and sleek Rogue has officially become the Mom-mobile.

6 | To Cuss with Abandon. I admit it - I’m a girl who cusses. To be even more honest, I enjoy cussing. There is nothing better than dropping an F-bomb on occasion or using some explicatives to describe a situation or in conversation. Michael and I are both pretty funny about this and our conversations can be totally random and hysterical but when you have a kid{s}, this is something you curtail quite a bit because let’s be honest – as much as it’s funny to hear your kids drop some bad words from time to time {and it is. You’re lying if you say otherwise} it’s not necessarily right to let them go around talking that way. You try your best to clean this up a lot with little ones around but boy oh boy what I wouldn’t love to just let ‘em roll…

7 | To Make It Through the Day with Clean Clothes. Moms, picture this: You come to the end of the day and guess what? Your clothes are clean. You don’t have any boogers, dried snot or food stuck to you. You can actually take your bra off without a pile of Cheerios falling out {this is a true story}. A girl can wish, right?

8 | To Be Able to Eat My Dinner Before it Gets Cold. This very rarely, if ever, happens anymore. I usually have to get up a bagillion times for a litany list of things before I’m actually able to just sit down and eat my dinner which by the time I do, is usually cold.

9 | A Clean, Kid Free Purse. If you were to look in my purse right this moment, you would find the following:

·         2 pairs of kid underwear
·         1 pack of baby wipes
·         1 pair of kid socks
·         1 pack of disinfectant wipes
·         1 kid menu from Chili’s
·         1 pack of Crayola Crayons
·         1 snack bag of honey nut Cheerios

Needless to say, I should start charging a storage fee for all the kid shit I lug around on the daily.

10 | A Little Alone Time. Yes, our family is the center of our world but we need time for ourselves too without a demanding little stuck to our side.

I make fun but really, I do love my life and having Chickie to share Mother’s Day with reminds me of how lucky I am to have the opportunity to be a mother. Chickie keeps me young, active, happy and fun. Having said this, I have to admit these things above and more are a few things I miss being able to do solo from time to time.

So, what would be on your “What Mom Really Wants for Mother’s Day” list?


Guess What, Moms! I Don't Care How You Define Parenting

Helicopter moms vs. free range moms. Spank or don’t spank. Breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding. Cry it out vs. co-sleeping…

I don’t care how you define your parenting and the choices you make for your child. 

I really don’t. 

I could give two shits less what you do.

Why should I? Your choices have no affect over my child or my family.

I don’t care how you define being a mother; whether it’s being a stay at home mom or a working mom, which by the way, all moms are working moms. 

I don’t give a shit if you cover your baby’s tush in cloth diapers or disposable diapers, nor do I care what brand you use. Did you choose the wipe warmer or not? Great either way, because I don’t really care.

I couldn’t care less how many kids you and your husband decide to have, how or why you conceived them or if they were planned or not. It’s really none of mine, or anyone else’s business. 

I don’t really care if you are mom and mom, mom and dad, dad and dad or a single parent. It is none of my business how you define your relationships, who you love and how you choose to live your life. I don’t care.

Why should I? Your choices have no affect over my child or my family.

I will never ask you if your children are all from the same father, if your pregnancies were planned or why you decided to have such a large age gap in-between conceiving your children. 

I don’t care. It’s none of my business.

I could give a rat’s ass if you go to the gym or if you proudly sport a muffin top. I will never question your choice to solely wear yoga pants all day every day or question why you make the choice to dress up every day because I don’t care. 

Why should I? Your choices have no affect over my child or my family.

And do you want to know what I especially don’t give a second thought to?

Your opinion of me and my parenting choices.

I could care less what you think when I show up to day care in sweats and no make-up. I don’t care that you gasp in horror when I accidently drop a “damn” or “shit” in front of my daughter. If it’s the worst thing she ever hears in her lifetime in this crazy, messed up world, then I will consider her lucky. I don’t care if you think I look at my phone too much or if you’re offended at how I discipline my child in public. 

Why should you? My choices have no affect over your child or your family.

Because here’s the thing…

All of these every day decisions we make for our children and families have nothing to do with who we are as people and parents. They are merely details and decisions of our everyday life that each of us has the right to make. Whether I agree with your decisions or not is irrelevant and that’s the point…

I don’t care.

I appreciate and respect the fact that the decisions you make for your child and family are none of my business. I respect your right to live your life and raise your kids as you deem fit, without my judgment or input. 

I’ve often wondered how much better our relationships with women and mothers could be if we all decided to just not care a little bit more. I know that in being different, we all have so much to learn from one another despite what our parenting choices may be. I can honor and respect your viewpoints and choices even if I don’t agree with them or practice them in my own parenting. 

I don’t care about what your outsides look like and how they compare to mine. I already know that I’m no better than you or anyone else. I don’t feel the need to put on a show to the outside world to prove that I am. 

I care about how we relate to one another, the person you are and how you demonstrate your beliefs through your actions, not your words. 

I care about whether or not you realize how important you are in the lives of your children and your mindset to make the tough decisions for them, even on the days where you feel like you’re holding it all together by a very thin thread. 

I care about your emotional and mental well-being as a mom and how this balance can so very easily be altered and affected – sometimes good and sometimes not so good. 

I care about the important things…

Because under all the labels, stereotypes, masks and charades we are all simply one thing – human. We are all mothers and parents who are scared shitless raising kids in this world. We’re all simply doing the best we can and praying to God that it’s enough. 

That’s what I care about. 

The rest is just bullshit.


Currently: Eating Fungus & Looking Forward to Winter

It’s April and I’m currently…

Reading...  Just like every other blogger out there, I’m reading ‘The Fringe Hours’ and I haven’t decided if I really like this book or not. Honestly, I went into it with great expectations because of all the hype I had heard and read about it but truthfully? I’ve felt very underwhelmed by this book. I don’t think the author is sharing any advice or information that the average person with good God-given common sense couldn’t figure out on their own. Having said that, there are a few interesting thoughts in the book so I’ll finish it out to the bitter end.

Loving… Letting my hair go au natural. My hair is naturally curly and for years, I’ve gone through the exhausting and time consuming ritual of blow drying it straight and then using my straightening iron to smooth out the kinks, but lately? No more. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I’ve been letting it air dry using a great hair gel and BOOM. Done.

Wearing… A little sundress I haven’t been able to comfortably fit into now for a couple of years. Sadly, my Mexican food love affair has had to take a back seat to healthier choices in order to accomplish this but it feels good and it’s worth it.

Eating… Shrooms, shrooms and more shrooms! I love mushrooms. They are so versatile and really, who doesn’t love a fungus grown in manure? My favorite recipe of late of roasted shrooms has been a go to on busy nights during the week because it’s so fast and easy to prepare but I couple of weekends ago, I made some stuffed mushrooms courtesy of this AMAZING recipe by Kassandraat Little Dekoning’s. Simply delicious! 

Watching… Mad Men! The final series installment started this past Sunday and I’m so sad to see it going off the air. I’ve watched it from the beginning and have really grown to love this show. It’s one of the very few things I even take the time to watch anymore on TV.

Wanting… A nice long beach vacation. A couple of weekends ago, our family took a day trip to Hilton Head and it was AH.MAZ.ING. but now, it has me longing for a true, week long excursion to the beach complete with lots of sitting-on-my-pasty-white-ass beach time, corn hole on the beach with a few drinks and playing in the sand with my Chickie.

Making… More time to put the phone down, ignore all the emails and let the house get a little bit dirtier so that I can have time to be with these two. Totally worth it.

Feeling… This picture sums it up nicely.

Excited About… Launching my business, Bluemont Media! As if I didn’t already have enough on my plate, I decided to follow a dream of mine and officially start my own social media | PR | marketing consulting business. It’s going great so far and I’m really excited to see what the future holds for Bluemont.

Looking Forward To… Winter. Yes, I am fully aware that spring just sprung and summer is right around the corner but here’s something you should know about me: I hate hate hate summer. There’s nothing worse than boob sweat and bugs. No thanks. I’m a fall/winter gal through and through.

Thinking About… Tacos. My love for the taco is real and runs deep. All the tacos, all the time.

Listening To… Christmas music. Don’t judge. It makes me happy.

So how about you? What is currently going on in your life?
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