24 April 2012

Number 9

Number 9 isn't just Michael's nickname.  Today it's also the number of months Maddy has been with us in our lives.  It's very hard to believe that 9 months ago we were here...

And shortly there after, we were here...

Yeah, those were some fun days.  

But as those sleepless, chaotic, crazy days passed, they turned into months and with a little love, understanding, patience, and adjusting we became a family.   Just the 3 three of us taking on the world together.  We have our good and bad days.  Our ups and our downs.  Our happy moments and not-so-happy moments.  Through it all, we do it together.  Being a family means more than dirty diapers, spit up, teething fits, and the like.  Our family is about love.  Safety.  Acceptance.  Mistakes.  Forgiveness.  And through it all, we're enjoying some laughs and the adventure together.  

It is true that having a child changes everything but I can't imagine my life any other way.  I feel very blessed to have a healthy, happy, and intelligent daughter.  I feel even more blessed to have an involved, dedicated, hard-working man to share this experience and life with.  True richness doesn't come from the amount of zeros in your bank account.  I find being rich in life is the smile on my daughter's face...her laugh...watching her discover the world.  That is pure joy and fulfillment to me. 

This is our family.  This is our life.  Happy 9 month Birthday, sweet Madeline.  God be praised for his many blessings.

18 April 2012

The Not So Jolly Jumper. More so, the Jolly Napper

I'm not quite sure how a baby manages to fall asleep in a Jolly Jumper. I mean, have you seen those things in action?! It's basically giving your child a bump without the powdery mess, and usually if you are able to get your kid in one, you're not getting them out anytime soon.

Apparently, Maddy thinks her Jolly Jumper is a recliner. And who am I to argue? If it keeps her enterained for a while (Or better yet in this case, asleep! :) ) why fight a good thing?

I'm so proud of you, chicken. You're like your mommy - you can sleep anywhere.

"You wouldn't believe the day I've had...I'm exhausted!"

"Am I drooling?"