31 August 2012

Maddy's Thought for Today...

 "You mean to tell me there are grown men who still have imaginary friends and talk to empty chairs? No."

28 August 2012


I think the fathers in our lives whether they be husbands, partners, boyfriends, or fiances end up getting the short end of the stick from the moment their woman finds out she's preggers. It's true - 99.99999% of the attention, nurturing, and pampering goes to the woman. And to some extent I'm not saying it's not warranted. I mean, she is growing a human in her body. I just feel bad for our guys. They don't get to experience the bonding a woman does with her child for the 9 months they are in the womb. They usually get kicked to the curb when it comes to the baby shower (Which is why Michael came to ours) and for the most part, they usually have absolutely no say in the decorating of the nursery, the furnishings, or the clothing for the baby. And then one day - hello! They are expected to become a father.

Let's be honest - adjusting to life with a baby is nothing but hard, challenging, and at times not fun or enjoyable at all. For men, I think it's 100 times worse. They've had absolutely no opportunity for bonding with baby during the pregnancy and then literally overnight, they are expected to take care of a child...a child that needs constant attention, nurturing, and all their needs met. What's worse is that most women at least have a maternal instinct that kicks in  with their baby but not a man. They are lucky if they're able to get the diaper on properly the first few times. ;-) I kid but really - I'm a firm believer that the men have it harder in a lot of ways.

Unfortunately, some men fold under the stress and pressure. Mind you, I'm in no way judging or being critical. I can see how it would easily happen...not that it's right, but it happens. There were many times during the first few weeks that I felt like I could pack my car, leave, and not come back. I felt like a horrible mother. I felt like I couldn't take care of my child the way she needed and I had no idea how I was going to do it all so I can honestly empathize with the men who struggle adjusting to parenthood. This is why I'm so thankful for Michael.

Michael will be the first to tell you (And confirm my theory of men adjusting to being fathers) that becoming a dad didn't come naturally to him. It was something he had to work at. Unlike me, his bond with Maddy didn't happen instantly at birth - it took time. But little by little, day after day, month after month, his bond with Maddy became stronger and stronger.

This is why I will always respect, love, and adore Michael; When things became stressful and hard he could have easily given up. He could have left the hard work to me and been one of those men who have the "It's a woman's job" kind of mentality but he never did. From day one, he has jumped in to change diapers, help me breast feed, clean up spit-up, gotten up multiple times for midnight feedings, been on more grocery and diaper runs than I can count,   and so much more than my forgetful mommy brain can remember. Even more endearing is that he always does it all with a smile and without complaint.

So the point is this ladies - if you have a man that isn't perfect but tries you are lucky. If you have a husband who provides for you and your child's needs, you are blessed. If you have a man who is home at night with your family instead of hitting the town with the guys or worse, hold him close and tell him how much you appreciate and love him. If you have a partner who always has your back in life, thank him - and not just once but always. If you have a man that makes you laugh during the hard times instead of cry, be happy and grateful These good men deserve so much more credit than we often times give. While a mother's role is important in the rearing of a child and deserves to be recognized, so are the contributions these men and fathers give to our lives and families.

To my own partner, Michael, I end with this - thank you for making the days easy. You are an amazing father to Maddy and a true man and gentleman in every sense of the word. Maddy and me are so lucky to share our lives with you. Thank you for all you do to make our house a home and our family filled with love. You make our lives beautiful.

20 August 2012

The Stink Eye

A few weeks ago and out of the blue, Maddy started giving what I've coined "The Stink Eye"...

Daddy and I get 'The Eye' for a whole laundry list of reasons but it's usually for things like us having the audacity to tell the former womb tenant "No!". I know. How dare we?!

Yeah...she doesn't like that too much.

The bad thing about it all is that it's so damn funny that Michael and I have a hard time not laughing when she does it! I know - we're horrible parents but seriously, we have to get our sick laughs in when we can. And how can you NOT laugh at that! Attitude much?

So over the last few weeks, I've been getting some chuckles out of these photos by pairing them with tag lines such as, "You mean to tell me that you actually expect me to eat this abhorrent Pinterest concoction you call a dinner?" and things of the like. It all started pretty innocently - just a few random posts here and there on Facebook and Twitter. But on the days I didn't post anything, people started messaging me to ask, "Where's Maddy's thought for the day???" I had no idea that people actually cared and looked forward to our shameless daily giggle.

So I've decided to post them here. Maddy's daily thought. And let's be honest - life with a toddler is about as crazy as trying to corral cats so there may be days that I miss a post or two but I will try my best to keep it updated.

So without further waiting, I give you Maddy's thought for the day...

Stink Eye Reason #12: "I know you're never gonna let me get my nose pierced"

18 August 2012

Madeline Turns One

Family and friends gathered on Saturday, July 21 to celebrate Madeline's first Birthday on July 24. Daddy and me decided to do a Dr. Seuss Thing 1 Thing 2 themed party. It was a day of fun, laughter, and imagination as everyone played in Maddy's Suessland. 

Guests were greeted with Maddy's Dr. Seuss Happy Birthday book and asked to write a message to Maddy.


Custom made Thing 1 Thing 2 dress

Mommy and Maddy

Bubbles from bubble machine & balloons 

Buttons for guests

Aunt Jordan and Madeline

Thing 1 and Thing 2 make an appearance on the cake

Guest Cake

Maddy's smash cake

Madeline McKenna Soloway, July 24, 2011

Thing Family - Thing Dad, Thing 1, and Thing Mom