15 March 2013

My Friday Favorites - Mommy Edition

There are lots of things a busy mom needs to keep her life running smoothly. These are my must-have items of late that keep this mom (And beautiful toddler!) happy and at our best.

1. Little Tikes Rocking Horse

(Photo credit: Little Tikes Website)

I had no idea Maddy was in love with this toy until I dropped her off at day care last week and she immediately went running to get on the one in her class. Her teacher told me that she lives on it and really gets the thing going. Fortunately, it is an extremely safe rocker with a deep seat, wide handles, and lots of room for foot placement to keep her balanced. The added bonus? The extreme look of joy and happiness on her face. I immediately texted daddy to tell him and before I knew it, he had left the office and was on a mission to find his little girl a horse. (Heart.Melt) Unfortunately, all the stores he went to were out so a few quick clicks online got us a horse. 

Amazon: $35 plus shipping.

2. Tommee Tippee Spoons

(Photo credit: Target website)

If you read the post from last night then you know that we've introduced utensils to Maddy's feedings. She is doing really well and I think a large majority of her success has to do with these spoons. They have a wide base on the handle that makes it easy for small hands to grasp and the oval feeding head is the perfect size for a toddler's mouth. Added bonus? They clean easily in the dishwasher. 

Target: $4 for a pack of 8

3. The Target Spring Clothing Line

This dress! Enough said. Target has really upped their game this Spring with the release of their girls clothing line. It is an amazing mix of J. Crew, Gap, and Old Navy but at the amazing Target price. And sure - you could pay more simply for a label but WHY WOULD YOU? Add in the fact that I get to use my father's employee discount AND my Target Red Card that saves me an additional 5% and it's a no brainer. 

4. Yellow Tail Shiraz

(Photo Credit: istock)

My drink of choice. Every mommy has those days when only a nice glass of wine will do at the end of a hard day. Pair it with a beautiful Colorado sunset and you have heaven. Cheers!

Yellow Tail Shiraz: $12/bottle

5.  Bath & Body Works Jasmine Vanilla Body Wash & Bath      Soak

(Photo credit: Bath & Body Works Website)

And after a nice glass of wine what could be better than a hot and relaxing bubble bath? Um...nothing! I love bubble baths and don't take them nearly enough but this bath and body soak makes me want to live in the tub. It is so relaxing and soothing. Aaaaah!

Happy Friday!


Courtney @ Shiraz In My Sippy Cup
Courtney @ Shiraz In My Sippy Cup

Courtney is a published author, mom, taco enthusiast, and a Star Wars and Tennessee Volunteers fanatic. She's never met a piece of sushi she didn’t like and enjoys an amazing glass of wine and a great cut of meat. You can read more of her wine-induced, sleep-deprived adventures on The Huffington Post and Scary Mommy.

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