31 July 2013

Hump Day Mommy Confessions

1.  Madeline has started talking in sentences and half the time, I don't understand a thing she's saying. And forget about it if I've had wine. She may as well be speaking Klingon. I remember before I had a kid, the very thought of having to talk to a baby or toddler scared the ever-living shit out of me; "What do I say? What does it want to hear? How do I relate?" LOL. Now, I just start talking and jump right on in. My pre-baby self would be very proud of me.

2.  We are still feeding Maddy the Gerber Lil Entrees Meals... at age two. How long can a parent get away with those I wonder? Ok, here's the deal - I can cook and I usually do cook, but most of the things I know how to cook are meals for adults that are probably not suited for a toddler's belly. The thought of having to plan meals and know what to cook for my daughter EVERY. NIGHT. OF. THE. WEEK. scares the hell out of me. It's just so easy to pop open one of those pre-made meals that are the perfect portion size and that have everything she needs nutrionally than for me to have to figure it out. I know, I know...I'm going to have to cut the cord soon. But I don't wanna. Booooooo. 

3.  I let Maddy play with my un-used tampons. She likes to grab the string and twirl them over her head like a helicopter and it keeps her occupied and quiet for quite a while. Mom of the Year right here, folks.

4.  My pre-baby, thought she knew everything, upidty, jackass self swore up and down that my kid wouldn't watch a lot of TV - that she would find other avenues to keep herself occupied. Uh huh. I think we all know how that turned out. 

5.  Maddy has gone a full week without getting a bath. What?! She doesn't have mature sweat glands yet. 

Ok, fess up. What are your mommy confessions?


30 July 2013

Life Lately in Pictures

Silly Photo Edition - 
Party hats, beverages, creative ways to learn the alphabet, & 
tongues out.

Pet Photo Edition - 
Chloe, Henry the Cat, Henry the Dog, & Kitten Butt

Mommy & Maddy Edition - 
Silly faces, pretty smiles, tongues out

Food Photo Edition - 
Chips & Margs, sauteed shrooms & asparagus, frosty beers, 
mussels & martinis, pasta
(Pasta topped with my homemade cauliflower sauce - find the recipe HERE from my previous blog post!)

Smiles Photo Edition - 
Laughter, joy, happiness, beauty

Family Photo Edition - 
Everything that is important in life is within these four squares.
Love resides here.


29 July 2013

July Photo Challenge

When dinner has been made and served, the baths are done, and Maddy is tucked into bed (Hopefully sleeping!), one of my most favorite things to do is sit with a glass of wine (Or 2...or 3...let's be honest...) and troll the Internet looking for other interesting, funny, and witty blogs, especially those who focus on parenting or family life. Call me crazy, but there's something very calming and reassuring when you find a blog that you can "click" with and relate to; a blog that makes you laugh, sometimes cry, and a blog that makes you nod your head in agreement while thinking, "Yep - been there, done that! I know how you feel!" 

A while back, I found a blog such as this and it has really grown on me to quickly become a favorite of mine. The blog is called 'Running From the Law' and is about Sara, a new mom who is juggling motherhood with being a working attorney. The blog as a whole is amazing. Her son Mac is adorable (Hey Sara - anyway we could hook up an arranged marriage for our little ones??) and her sense of humor is right up my alley. If you need some new blogs to read, I highly recommend hers. Check it out!

Moving on...

Last week, Sara announced that she would be having a July photo challenge with the theme of water and I was excited to jump in and participate. At first I thought, "Yeah. Let me dig back into my archives and find that pic of when my water broke in the hospital. She'll love that." but my better judgement prevailed and I think I found the perfect picture to submit. Before I share my submission, let me give you a little background on how the print came to be...

It was around the end of March this year and I had just quit my job in Denver. My boss was horrible, demeaning, and working for her was as painful as getting kicked in the crotch with studded boots on a daily basis. I was also going through some other personal issues that was making life pretty rough, overall. My life was just very hard at that time.

It was a Saturday morning and Michael and I decided to get out of the house with Maddy. We ended up at Washington Park in downtown Denver. For those of you who are unaware of Wash Park, it is basically a mini theme park of fun. They have anything and everything you could ever imagine shoved into God knows how many acres of land. The one thing Maddy loved to do at that time was feed the ducks and geese by the lake. She would stand in amazement as each one would make their way up to her and without notice, grab her crackers. It was so funny to watch!

While all of this was going on, Maddy and her daddy had a moment together by the lake.  Looking back on it now, it wasn't anything to constitute fireworks or a big to-do but at the time I saw it, it may as very well been because seeing them together moved me beyond words. Maddy took her father's hand and there they stood, together, by the lake looking out onto the water. Every so often, they would look at each other and smile. Maddy would see a duck in the lake and would squeal with delight - "Daddy! Duck!" she would yell. And in his gentle way with his little girl Michael would respond, "You are so smart! That's right - duck!" 

This gentle exchange and moment in time went on for around 15 minutes. I was able to capture it all in pictures and as I stood there doing so, I couldn't help but think, "How crazy lucky am I??!! No - my life isn't perfect but I have my beautiful family. As long as I have these two, I have everything. Everything will be OK."

Snap, snap, snap...

I don't know if Michael and Maddy ever knew how this simple moment in our lives took me from a very low point to raising me up to feel invincible and hopeful, but it did. In a single shot - a single moment - I remembered who I was and what is truly important in life. Thank you, my loves.

When I got home, I processed the photo through Photoshop. To be honest, all I did was convert the image to B/W. That's it. I usually do manipulate or tweak my photos but this one was perfect as is and honestly, I didn't want to do much to it.  Sometimes in photography, less is more.

This is my entry. This is a snippet of my life to share with all of you. I hope that as you look through your own lens at your life around you, you come to see the clarity and love of what is truly important in this life as I did.

Until next time...