28 February 2014

Five on Friday!

It's Five on Friday! Let's get right to it, shall we?

Good News!
{Photo via Google}

As most of you may know {And for those of you who are new to the blog} our little family has been through the ringer over the past five months or so but after some good news this week, it looks like our dark clouds are starting to part. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!!

Great Reads
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I love to read and have made it a point to do so more lately. My current favorite read is 'Saturday Night Widows' by Becky Aikman. It's a story of 6 women brought together by the tragic and untimely deaths of their spouses who decide to start a support group that gets together every Saturday night for dinners, trips, etc. I know it sounds like it would be kind of a downer but really, it's a funny, inspiring, and enjoyable read. Give it a try if you're looking for something new and out of the ordinary. 

Heart Touching & Inspiring Videos

HuffPost Parents released this video this week entitled 'My Beautiful Woman' and it will absolutely make you stop and rethink your inclination to judge other mothers. But I warn you - if you're going to give it a watch, make sure to have some tissues handy.

{Via Pinterest}
I've pretty much been rocking this as my mantra lately. That is all. 

Sparkly Gold Dots

For Christmas, my dad always gives myself and my sisters a gift card to Target. Normally, I would spend it on either something for our home or for Chickie but this time, I decided to treat myself and found this adorable gold polka dot jewelry tray that I fell in love with. I have a habit of wearing hair clips and jewelry to bed so they tend to pile up on my nightstand since I just take them off and throw them down there. When I saw this tray, I knew it was a must have. It just makes me happy.

Thanks to Darci for hosting this weekly link-up!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

26 February 2014

It's the Little Things...Like Funny Pictures of Babies with Beers!

Over the last few days, I've been trying to clear out some space in the photo album of my phone. While we have an amazing Canon camera, the reality is that it's not always easy to lug around that big daddy for everything when grabbing a shot with the iPhone is so much easier. Having said this, my photo album count was tipping 1,000 pictures so it was time to make some space.

It has been pretty fun going back through months and months worth of pictures while at the same time, it really hits home how fast time flies and how my little girl is growing up so too fast. In looking through all the pictures I have, I came across this gem that literally made me laugh out loud...
{It may be winter outside but inside, it's spring break!}
So, it looks like Chickie is back on the bottle! This is totally normal, right? 

Sometime last year {I told y'all I had a lot of pics on there} Chickie and I went grocery shopping and being the little helper that she is, Chickie wanted to give mommy a hand unloading the bags when we got inside.

I usually let her lug around the light stuff. You know, the TP, the PT's or her meals that come in those little Gerber boxes so imagine my surprise when I came out of the kitchen to see her carrying a six pack of Blue Moon. 

Actually, I can't even say I was surprised. I was more amused than anything and couldn't help but let out a big horse laugh when she said, "Mommy, I get beer too!"

That's my girl.

Thanks Ashley for hosting this awesome link-up! 
It does the soul good to stop & appreciate the little things.


12 February 2014

Mailboxes, Overalls, & Naps - It's the Little Things!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

Today, I'm happy to be linking up with Ms. Fashion Fabulous {Ashley} at Words About Waverly 
to share The Little Things in my life lately that have rocked my world.

These two lovies...
{Snuggl'n & Pick'n}

Seeing these two together makes everything right in my world. 

There is something so special about the father|daughter bond and I'm so very lucky to be able to see it through these two. I mean look at them - I die.

Michael summed it up perfectly when he said,
"When you're wearing OshKosh, all you have to think about is being a kid."

I found this cute little miniature mail box at Target this week in the dollar bins and immediately knew what I wanted to do with it. I already had the stickers so I used them to decorate the box and voila! Instant happiness!

The thought is to invite love and positivity into our home year round anytime we want by simply writing a note to one another and sticking it in the mailbox for each other to find. When the flag goes up that can only mean one thing...

You've got mail!

I know most of you are cursing me right now but I love the snow. LOVE. IT.
The world seems quiet and beautiful draped in white.
Purity. Clean. Quiet.

Is there anything cuter than a sleeping baby??!! I didn't think so either.

I'll admit that I'm a sucker for a great nap and usually try to get one during Chickie's nap time.
BUT the best part of nap time is going into her room when it's time to wake up and watching her while she sleeps. I often wonder what this little angel is dreaming of.

Let her sleep for when she wakes, she will move mountains.

These are just a few of the things putting a smile on my face as of late. What are yours?


10 February 2014

A Life Update | So Far...

2014 has pretty much sucked.

Sorry, friends. I don't have any better way to say that and quite honestly, I don't have the effort nor the energy to try and sugarcoat what I'm feeling right now. I know I probably should (Because who likes a Debbie-Downer), but that's not who I am and it's not who I've promised to be through this blog so today, you get a dose of my honesty and reality as of late.

I'm exhausted. Mentally, emotionally and physically...exhausted.

My grandfather is in kidney failure and we have no idea of how much time he has left. My cat of 13 years passed away on Friday {A loss I was completely not ready to deal with as it happened unexpectedly}. Chickie broke her wrist last week and is in a cast for a month. Michael is on his fourth month of unemployment and while he's had a TON of interviews, he still has no job. And as if that isn't enough, there are other issues to deal with that I'm not even going to get into because I just don't have the energy and they are private.

It's all so draining.

When does it all stop? I'm a realist. I know life is hard and it isn't always fair|right|perfect. I get that. But does it ever just level out? Isn't there supposed to be the good *with* the bad? It seems like lately, it's all bad. Every day is literally a challenge, or an issue to deal with, or an unexpected problem that just piles on to my anxiety and stress. And I've heard all the generic platitudes - I realize that "this is life" but honestly, that's such a lame retort for anyone to make to someone going through a rough patch in life. Thanks for stating the obvious. Any other gems or words of wisdom?  

And yes. I know that I could have it far, far worse. I realize that there are people living on the streets, kids dying from cancer, and all kinds of injustice and ailments in the world that I'm fortunate to not suffer from but here's the thing...

That's not my reality. 

And it's not that those people's problems aren't important, it's just that I can't take on the cares and woes of the world when my life and world feel as if they are in shambles. Nor is it right to try and compare apples to oranges. It may be about perspective but in my opinion, It's just not feasible nor fair to expect a person who is going through a rough time (Possibly borderline depressed) to try and "see the big picture" and to tell them "there's always something to be happy about" because really, the only thing I can see right now are the concerns currently on my plate, how they aren't getting any better, and how myself and my family is suffering because of them. 

That is my reality right now.

But despite all of this, I still try so hard every day to be positive and find the little things in life that make me happy. I'm hoping that putting out good vibes into the universe despite feeling like shit will return good luck and positive things to my life and renew me. I need to feel that so much right now - to feel hopeful and renewed. 

I don't really know what the purpose is for putting this all out here, friends. I really don't. Maybe it's just to free my mind of these endless thoughts that keep following me around on a daily basis...like a dark cloud that has fixated over me right now. Maybe it's just to say that right now, life is difficult. And while that's not OK, maybe it's OK to say so - to admit it. To stand up and say, "Right now, I don't have my shit together. I'm scared and I have no idea what to expect down the road." I think far too many times mothers and women get held to such a high standard of perfection that is just absurd; that we always have to have our game face on and even if we're not doing well, that we still have to put on a smile and fake it and suffer in quiet.

And I don't do fake very well.

Never have, never will. #sorrynotsorry

For now, this difficulty is my reality. I stand up to own it and accept that in every life a little rain must fall. I look for the lessons and know that while this is currently my reality, it doesn't have to define me and that while there is rain now, maybe that will yield some beautiful fruit in the end. 

Thanks for your ears friends.