02 June 2014

A Patchwork of Beauty

Back at the end of March, we moved cross-country from Colorado to Georgia. This was the second time that we've done a cross-country move. The first was Virginia to Colorado but it was decided that this would be the last, so I decided to enjoy every minute of our three day journey. Most people don't have the opportunity to drive cross-country once let alone twice so I wanted to make the most of it. 

I could go on and on about our trip but a picture is worth a thousand words so I'll let them speak for themselves. 

{Wind turbines outside of Colorado, entering Kansas}


{I have a thing for bridges}

{Meet me in St. Louis?}

{This trip sponsored by Dunkin Donuts}

{Someone wakes up entirely too happy in the mornings}

{My birthplace, my heart, and my home}

{The Music City sings sweetly to my soul}

{Downtown Nashville}

{One of my favorite bridges - An old railroad bridge outside of Chattanooga}

{Aside from watching movies, this was her other favorite activity}

 Outside of Atlanta // See all those bridges? This area is famously known as spaghetti junction and it's a bitch. We were stuck in standstill traffic for almost an hour and a half but hey! I had some dude ask me if I was Monica Lewinsky so it's all good. 

True story. 

Because yes, sitting in standstill traffic on a Friday afternoon in a Nissan Rogue with a toddler watching Monster's University is, I'm sure, how Monica Lewinsky loves to spend her day. How do these things always seem to happen to me?!

You gotta love people.

All in all, it was a great trip. Chickie was fabulous and it was truly amazing having the chance to see our beautiful country in all its different elements. A patchwork of beauty.

Have a great week, friends. 
Courtney @ Shiraz In My Sippy Cup
Courtney @ Shiraz In My Sippy Cup

Courtney is a published author, mom, taco enthusiast, and a Star Wars and Tennessee Volunteers fanatic. She's never met a piece of sushi she didn’t like and enjoys an amazing glass of wine and a great cut of meat. You can read more of her wine-induced, sleep-deprived adventures on The Huffington Post and Scary Mommy.


  1. Who knew 'merica was so gorgeous?! We haven't visited or done any cross country anythings. And in slightly ashamed to admit that!

  2. You were so smart to make the most of the trip. The one time we drove across country with Callie she was so little I was just worried about getting it over as fast as possible!

  3. We did the same...FL to CO then CO to FL. You took the route to Georgia that we did from FL to CO, up and then over - from the looks of it. I refuse to ever go to St. Louis again because they had a detour for us that just ended without any more signs we could see during rush hour while I was driving. I hated it. But, the rest was pretty good. However, the CO to FL version I thought it would be fun to go down and then over so we could do a new view. Worst decision ever. We didn't have a GPS at the time, and our map trip route took us through back country streets with no gas stations that were open 24 hours, and the worst rest stop I've ever witnessed in my life. Thank the Lord we were childless at the time. We also did the trips straight through just switching to car nap. Never again.

    Your pic with the Nashville sign...I thought that black garbage was a dead cow with it's legs in the air.

  4. Love these pictures!! We have some of the same from driving from Arizona to Georgia, and Georgia to Alaska!! I really enjoy driving and seeing how beautiful the different parts of the US are!

  5. Love that you took so many pictures along the way. There is so much beauty out there!