05 June 2014

Letters to Madeline: How I Met Your Father

Dear Maddy,

So let’s see…

You had a chance to read about your mommy here.

You also got to read more about your daddy here.

However none of this, including you, would have happened if neither of us had met. How did that happen, you ask? Well that my dear, is an interesting story. 

It all began in the fall of 2010. Mommy was in a dead-end job that was going nowhere and was desperately in need of a change. As it turned out, the local mall in Roanoke Virginia was hiring for a marketing manager (this is just a fancy way of saying that I promote people’s stuff to help make their company profitable. PLEASE, for the love of GOD, pick something else to do with your life). 

So off I went. I submitted my resume, went to all the initial screening interviews, and made it to the finals as one of the top two candidates. I left my final interview feeling pretty kick ass. My resume, portfolio, connections in the community, and overall amazing personality {OK…maybe I’m exaggerating a bit} had sealed the deal in my mind. Some may have called it cocky but I was ready to sign my employment papers and get started. That’s how great the interview went and how confident I felt about getting the job.

So imagine my complete shock and awe when I found out the next day I didn’t get it.
“We’ve decided to go in another direction. Your interview was flawless. The only thing the person we’re hiring has over you is years of experience.”

For the record, it should probably be noted that mommy may or may not have dropped a few explicative words that can’t be repeated here. I’m sure this comes as a total shock to you. 
Moving on…

About a month after getting over my disappointment about the whole thing, my curiosity got the better of me. I wanted to know who took my job! So into sleuth mode I went {You should probably learn now that a woman with questions does better research and investigating than the FBI}. After making a few phone calls and looking on the Internet, I had a name. 
And wouldn’t you know, it was this trickster.

OK in all fairness, that wasn’t the first picture I ever saw of your dad.

This was…
Pretty darn cute, huh?

Chickie, I have to admit that when I first saw this picture of your dad, I was smitten. I had never met him but I felt as if I knew him. We had never talked but it seemed as if I had the sound of his voice was ingrained on my mind. His smile was friendly. Kind. Generous.

And I smiled back.

Sitting in my office, looking at a Facebook profile picture, there was a tiny part of me that fell in love with your dad right there on the spot. I knew I had to meet him but how? I know you think that your mom is a crazy, out-going, talk-to-anyone type of gal but where the guys are concerned, not so much. Try awkward, shy, and introverted. So I decided to keep it simple. In my line of work at the time, I was constantly making connections for business opportunities and decided I would send your dad a friend request to connect on Facebook. Innocent enough, right? I’d get to know the new marketing manager of the mall and maybe make a great business connection in the process. 

Enter your Aunt Krystal.
Aunt KP {As we would grow to call her} was working for Comcast at the time selling advertising. As it turned out, she had just called on a new client – you guessed it – your dad. And in doing what she does best, your aunt KP sold him some advertising. They too, also became friends on Facebook and your dad was able to see that he and aunt KP had one friend in common.

Yours truly.

And unbeknownst to me, your dad was also crushing on my Facebook pics. So much so, that while he was emailing her about some business they were working on together, he said this:
            “BTW, your friend Courtney Patterson friend requested me. Of course I said yes! And I have to say, wow! She is absolutely gorgeous. What’s her story? I’m not usually one to mix business and pleasure but she just really struck me. She seems really sweet too. Anyway, I hope I’m not being forward or creepy asking more about her.”

{This was Michael’s actual email to Krystal. Yes, I’m a geek and have saved it all these years!}

And in true aunt KP fashion, she called me as soon as she received his email to tell me about it. I was floored. Even though I had secretly wished something would happen with your dad, I didn’t actually think it would all come to fruition. And to find out he was interested too? It was all very, very romantic. So we started chatting via IM which led to emails, which led to texting, which then led to the inevitable, “Should we meet?” 

So we did.

It was the night of the local FOX affiliate’s fall lineup debut party. Both your dad and I had received invitations to go to the party so we decided it would be a great time to meet. There would be plenty of people there that we both knew and plenty of alcohol flowing to take the edge off of meeting someone new. The night was either going to end in a spectacular romance or at the very least, we would just end up being friends. 

We talked for hours. We laughed. We shared. We fed each other food. It was comfortable, familiar, and felt like home. Your dad made me laugh and had the kindest eyes of any man I’d ever met. I know it sounds silly to say but in a very short amount of time, I fell completely and hopelessly head over heals in love with your dad.
{Our first date. I think it's pretty cool that we have this picture. Not a lot of people can say they have a picture from the first time they met their partner and fell in love.}
About a week later, your dad came to one of mommy’s work events as a guest. Mommy was busy running the event so your dad got to hang out with aunt Krystal. We exchanged texts, glances, and smiles all night as if we were two teenagers: giddy, silly, and high off of love. After the event was over, your dad, me, and Krystal went to the hotel bar to unwind and relax with a few cocktails. When it was time to go, your dad walked me to my car. We sat and talked for about an hour until the conversation came to a close and we were left starring into each other’s eyes. 
Then, true to form, your mother acted like a goof and said in a very soft and sweet voice…
“Are you going to kiss me now?”

To which daddy replied…

“Well, I was going to but since you asked, no.” {Kidding of course}

Then without a word, he leaned in, cupped my face and gave me the sweetest kiss of my life. 

“Yes, I will kiss you…always.”

And up to this day, always it has been.

It wasn’t until later in our relationship that I told your dad about the job and how I found him. We shared a good laugh about it but your dad {As he usually does} summed it up nicely when he said…

“The important thing is that you did find me.”

We love you Chickie, to the moon and back. 


Courtney @ Shiraz In My Sippy Cup
Courtney @ Shiraz In My Sippy Cup

Courtney is a published author, mom, taco enthusiast, and a Star Wars and Tennessee Volunteers fanatic. She's never met a piece of sushi she didn’t like and enjoys an amazing glass of wine and a great cut of meat. You can read more of her wine-induced, sleep-deprived adventures on The Huffington Post and Scary Mommy.


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