31 July 2014

Throwback Thursday Pics

One of the big things right now in social media seems to revolve around a fun picture feature called Throwback Thursday #tbt. 

Pictures range anywhere from photos of being a newborn to graduating high school, to even just a month ago although, I'll admit, I don't get it when people post a picture they took just last week and call it "throwback." When I hear the term "throwback" I think of pictures taken way back in the day, but that's just me.

During our move, I came across a treasure trove of old school pics and thought it would make a fun blog post - a Throwback Thursday picture post. Big hair, braces, and 80's/90's fashions oh my! 

It's really a good thing I can laugh at myself. 

{1980, Age 4. This hair cut - I die!!}

{1981, Age 5. I loved this dress. If my mom would have let me, I would have slept, bathed, and played in the damn thing.}

{Around 1985 I think? Whoever thought browm wicker furniture was stylish should be shot.}

{Early 90's dance recital picture. Check out the mall bangs - Dead sexy, y'all.}

{1995, Age 16. Delta Burke's hair has nothing on my do.}

{1995, Age 16. High school graduation. My hair was so thick I could barely get my cap on.}

{1995, Age 16. Senior prom. My hair was jacked up so high that it took days to get all the hairspray washed out. True story.}

{Fall 1995, Age 16. At college, sorority rush, my pledge invitation to Kappa Delta. LOVE.}

And this, my dears, is where I'll leave Throwback Thursday for today. Tune in next Thursday to see where it picks up!

30 July 2014

Hump Day Mommy Confessions

I have a crush on Alan Rickman that even I can’t explain. Don’t ask me to try. I don’t know what it is about him. Maybe it’s the accent. Maybe it’s the dark hair. Maybe it’s the cape.


I just love him to pieces.

I try so hard to not judge other mothers but when I see one giving her toddler soda or sweet tea in their bottle it’s all I can do to just bite my lip and keep it moving. 

I love doing yoga but it gives me the farts. Downward dog is not my friend, nor would it be yours if you were right behind me. 

I’m so bad at math that most days, I have no idea how old I am. 


Just ask Michael. He is forever correcting me every time I think I’m still 37.

When I see a pregnant woman smoking or people smoking in their vehicle with kids, I want to knock them the ef out. 

I get {irrational} anger when I hear people seriously compare their pets as the same thing as having kids. 

Even now just typing that got me a little worked up. I can’t y’all, I just can’t…

I hate when mothers keep referring to their kids as “X months old” past the age of two. I know it shouldn’t, but it makes me view them as elitist, pretentious you-know-whats. 

I’m pretty sure I just lost half of my readership.

Oh well. 

Sometimes while I'm preparing dinner, I pretend it took longer than expected so I can stay in the kitchen all alone with my glass of wine while Michael entertains Chickie.

Love you, sweetie. Mean it. 

What do you have to confess this week?

29 July 2014

Weekend Shenanigans

Whew! What a great weekend we had! Before I get into the meat of my post, I want to thank each of you who shared comments celebrating Chickie’s Birthday. It meant a lot to me that you guys reached out. I’m so lucky to know so many amazing women in this blogging community!

Our Saturday started off with a trip to the salon for pedicures and some R&R. Of course, I say R&R with a little giggle because really when my family gets together, it’s more like a constant flow of shenanigans and silliness. Fine by me. Life is too short for serious! Chickie was so cute about getting her manicure done and picked out both green and pink colors. What the birthday girl wants she gets!

After a delish lunch at Moe’s and a two hour nap, we got up, girded our loins and slathered on two tons of sanitizer to head out to Chuck E. Cheese’s. You have to love their tag line, “Where a kid can be a kid.” 


It’s really more like, “Where a kid can get a stomach virus, beat up for tokens, or acquire any other variety of illness or sickness that the little ones are passing around these days.” 

{Sometimes I wonder how I’m able to work in marketing when half the time, I’m thinking of such far more truthful messages than what you really see in public. Lies, I tell you. It’s all lies.}
But I digress…

I generally avoid this place like the plague {which is one of the diseases I’m sure you can catch there} but since it was for my Chickie, I sucked it up for her happiness, which I’m glad I did because she really had a great time. The only thing she wasn’t too thrilled about was Chuck E. Cheese himself. I can’t say I blame her. A rat dressed in just a t-shirt, no pants, and huge ass clown shoes is a no-go in my book too. Thank God they serve beer.

{What do you mean I have icing on my face??}

{If at first you don't succeed, crawl up the ramp and dunk that shit.}

{Pure Joy!}

Once we were done partying with the rat, we headed back to grandma and poppy’s house to open gifts. I’ll give you one hint what the theme of the party was…

Once Chickie was all tucked in bed, myself, Michael, my sister Jordan, my sister Ashley, and our cousin Megan decided to head out for a little adult time. I use the term “adult time” loosely since they sat in my car watching Frozen on Chickie’s portable DVD car player.

Once I was able to pry them away from the charms of Elsa and a dancing snowman {WTF}, we enjoyed some drinks and appetizers on the patio at Buffaloe’s. 

Sunday was easy breezy as Michael and I left Chickie with grandma and poppy for the week and got back on the road to head home. Man…we really miss our little girl but we’re taking the opportunity to enjoy some adult time and also enjoy a week’s worth of uninterrupted sleep. 

How was your weekend?

25 July 2014

Oh hey Friday!

Happy Friday! 

To steal a line from one of my favorite comedies ever:

“’Cause it’s Friday, you ain’t got no job, and you ain’t got shit to do…”


Its 37 days, 9 hours, and 52 minutes until it’s FOOTBALL TIME IN TENNESSEE.

I can barely stand it. I know a lot of you are digging on summer but can we just skip to fall already, please? I mean, who really likes ungodly amounts of boob sweat anyway?



The University has a watermelon cutting tradition that dates all the way back to 1948. Each summer, the President invites staff, faculty, and friends of the University over to the lawn to cut watermelon and enjoy a little bit of down time during the day. The day care center on campus that Chickie goes to attends as well so Michael and I walked over to meet Chickie there to share some watermelon. She was so cute holding the big chunks of fruit! It’s nice to have these opportunities to share in her day with her and be involved with class trips. 


My latest food obsession is kale. I know, I know. I’m a little behind the times. 

I found this amazing sautéed kale recipe on Pinterest {where else} and was excited to see that when I clicked the link, it took me to Food Network’s website with it being a recipe by Bobby Flay. Let’s be honest – we all know how “iffy” Pinterest recipes can be! 

This sautéed kale is perfect and absolutely delish. It’s a very simple mix of olive oil, veggie stock, garlic, salt and pepper, and a finish of either balsamic vinaigrette or red wine vinegar, your choice. It’s amazing and it has also been on my plate almost every night this week.

Speaking of Pinterest, I’ve found some really great quotes lately that are giving me life.


Last but certainly not least, I want to take a moment to express my gratitude, love, and appreciation for my parents. When we leave Lawrenceville on Sunday, Chickie will be staying with them until next weekend because her day care is closed for summer break and since Michael and I just started working at the University, we don’t have enough time accrued yet to take vacation or take time off to be home with Maddy ourselves. 

As much as it’s going to kill me leaving her behind, I feel so incredibly lucky that I have a great support system and people in my life who care about our family and our well-being. Not everyone is so lucky so it means the world to me that my parents are willing to help otherwise, I don’t know what else we would have done with regards to options for day care next week. My Aunt Gabby will be there as well to help out and I’m happy that Maddy will finally have some good quality time to spend with her since she lives in Nashville and isn’t always able to make it down our way.

So thank you, mom and dad. Your help and love, to and for, our family means so much. We love you guys and appreciate all you do to help keep our heads above water!

Linking up today with Karli from September FARM for her fabulous Oh hey Friday! series.


Have a great weekend, friends!