06 June 2016

Currently in June

Currently in June. #parenting #motherhood #June

A lot of House Hunters International. I’m always intrigued when individuals or families decide to just up and move internationally. Moving in and of itself is such a painful process but to do it overseas? One word: courage.

I’m always interested to see how families make it work in a new country because housing and ways of life are simply different overseas. Typically, homes are smaller and more expensive depending on the country. Getting a sneak peek into the decisions of others is always interesting.

‘The Great Gatsby.’ This is my favorite book written by my favorite author and I usually read it once or twice a year. I’m always able to pick up something new that I never noticed before and the symbolism is so rich and deep.

Fair weather friends. #enoughsaid

All the salads. When summertime rolls around and the weather becomes hot and sticky, I gravitate towards salads. Before you think, “Wow! That’s great!” or try to congratulate me for dieting, let me stop you right there. While yes, having a salad is a better option than say, a loaded cheeseburger and fries, I typically douse my salads in bleu cheese dressing along with every garnish known to man. Bacon bits? Load them on. Croutons? The more the better. Cheese? Yes, please! See? Not so healthy, but it’s what I crave. Life is short. Eat the loaded salad.

Maddy going into Kindergarten in the fall. Aside from the paperwork that gets submitted to the school, I never realized what goes into getting a kid prepped and ready to start school. In PA, kids are required to know their address, their telephone number, how to write their first and last names, colors, numbers and more. Along with this comes the supplies, backpack, lunch box, school clothes, etc.

Just typing this list makes me tired.

Maddy’s 5th birthday party! I’ve reserved a private party space for her at an indoor inflatable playground but I’ve been toying with whether or not to have a theme for the party. I’ve been scouring Pinterest like it’s my J.O.B. but I haven’t really come up with anything that grabs my attention. If I’m being honest, my gut inclination is to kick this whole thing down into low gear and not even stress about it. I grew up without “Pinterest parties” and my life turned out just fine. These days, I feel the need for simplicity.

Current Vacation Crushes
I would absolutely LOVE to do a cruise to Europe. Unfortunately, my bank account and available time off balance doesn’t feel the same way.

As we get older, I think it’s easy to fall into the trap of conservatism. It’s easy to think, “I’m getting older. I need to be careful with the choices I make.” And while that’s true to some extent, I want to live bravely. More importantly, my daughter is looking to me to set the tone for life. What message am I sending?

I’ve been taking it back to the old school lately with a lot of 90’s alternative; Pearl Jam, DMB, Nirvana, Chili Peppers and more. While I find a few songs I enjoy from today’s music, the 80’s and 90’s will always have my heart.

France’s new law making it illegal for employers to contact employees after work and on the weekends. Kudos to France for taking the initiative to lead the way in work/life balance for working parents and individuals because really, no job is that important.

So tell me – what’s currently going on in your world in June? 
Courtney @ Shiraz In My Sippy Cup
Courtney @ Shiraz In My Sippy Cup

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  1. Oh my gosh I'm obsessed with House Hunters! We live in Hawaii and are potentially moving abroad (lots of moving for us) and getting an inside peek is the best part...you're right!