27 June 2016

Madeline Monday

Madeline Monday. #parenting #girlmom #summer


Your annual permission slip to be lazy.
The days get longer,
Let your mind start to wander.
Do nothing and let it count for something,
Beach hair, don’t care,
Strappy sundresses,
Flippity flops,
Laying in the grass studying the clouds.

Water fights,
Tanned skin,
School’s out,
Summer is in.

The sun is shining,
The breeze is blowing,
The birds are singing,
And the lawn mower is broken.

Watermelons, shaved ice and cold popsicles,
Strawberry fields to be picked and dandelions that tickle.
Going barefoot,
With hearts as free as your toes.

Summer will end soon enough,
And childhood as well,
So let’s go, my wild and beautiful girl,

And makes some memories that one day we’ll tell.

Courtney @ Shiraz In My Sippy Cup
Courtney @ Shiraz In My Sippy Cup

Courtney is a published author, mom, taco enthusiast, and a Star Wars and Tennessee Volunteers fanatic. She's never met a piece of sushi she didn’t like and enjoys an amazing glass of wine and a great cut of meat. You can read more of her wine-induced, sleep-deprived adventures on The Huffington Post and Scary Mommy.


  1. Perfect description of how to enjoy your summer!

  2. Such a beautiful description of summer...and you have a beautiful little girl too :)