02 June 2016

Three Thoughts on Thursday

Three Thoughts on Thursday. #parenting #parentingadvice #mothers #gardening

ONE. I’m going to admit that I love having a long holiday weekend BUT it kind of sucks going into the next week, you know? My whole week feels thrown off because we’re out of our routine and in return, I feel completely discombobulated, rushed and stressed. Work is hectic because now everyone wants to cram five days of productivity into four, getting the kid back into her normal routine is like pulling teeth and overall, it’s just a feeling of…eh. And who really likes “eh?” Not me.

TWO. I’ve had a lot of people ask me when I’m going to share a post about Gorilla Gate 2016 so I want to talk about this for a hot second. If you’re holding your breath in anticipation of a post, you’ll be waiting a long time. I have no interest in writing about this issue. If you follow Shiraz’s Facebook page, you already know where I stand on the issue. There are so many commentaries, articles and posts already circulating that it simply seems redundant to throw in my two cents however, I do want to say this…

Parenting isn’t easy. As a matter of fact, it’s probably the hardest fucking job on the face of the planet. Don’t agree with me? Then I challenge you to do your normal 9 – 5 outside of the home for a week and then stay home with your kid(s) full-time for a week and then tell me how you feel.

It’s not an exact science, parenting. No one is perfect and no parent is perfect and when you’re an outsider looking into someone’s life that you’re unfamiliar with, that you have ZERO understanding of what that parent may be dealing with on any given day and you pass judgement? Well, I’d say that says far more about you and your character than anyone’s parenting skills.

Moms – enough is enough. We should be building each other up. We should be advocates for one another. We should be a source of empathy and understanding. This incident that happened to Michelle Gregg and her son could have happened to any of us because guess what – accidents happen. It’s time we all take a stand and say, “I’m not perfect but I AM a good parent.” The two can co-exist.

Less judgement. More understanding. And that’s all I have to say about that.

THREE. Over the holiday weekend, I planted two pots of flowers for our front porch and it made me so incredibly happy.

There’s nothing better for the soul than sinking your hands into the warm earth. After several weekends in a row of rain, I was finally able to get outside and get these bad boys planted and my soul rejoiced. These begonias make me smile (it’s the little things) and that’s why I love flowers and gardening. It’s exciting to see things bloom again. It’s like seeing an old friend.

What thoughts are on your mind this week? 
Courtney @ Shiraz In My Sippy Cup
Courtney @ Shiraz In My Sippy Cup

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