12 September 2016

Join Me Today On 'Work It Mommy' For the Mommylogues Series!

Happy Monday! Today, you can find me hanging out on Work It Mommy’s blog! Whitney is currently hosting ‘The Mommylogues Series’ which is an opportunity for mothers of all backgrounds and beliefs to share their ideas, thoughts and inspiration with one another so when she offered me a spot, I immediately said “YES!” I love Whitney and her blog so I was thrilled to have the chance to support her and her series.

Today I’m talking about four ways to teach our kids how to do good in a world full of hate. In our world today, the hate game is STRONG. Throw kids into the mix and it immediately becomes a daunting venture of trying to raise kids to not only be good but to do good. On a day to day basis, our kids receive so many messages from the world around them; friends and television have to be the biggest culprits so how do we go to war against that?

As parents, we set the example. Our children may receive influences from the outside world but it is up to us and it’s our responsibility to show through example how to combat hate and hurtful people. I've come up with four ideas I think that fit the mold of teaching our children to not only be good but to do good as well. These are things that we've worked on each day since Maddy was a baby to instill the habits of doing good into her behavior. They have proven to be beneficial in shaping the person she's becoming so I hope you find them helpful to your little one as well.  

Join me over on Work It Mommy today to read the full post and while you’re there, take a moment to check out Whitney’s blog – you won’t regret it! 
Courtney @ Shiraz In My Sippy Cup
Courtney @ Shiraz In My Sippy Cup

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