26 March 2013

We're on Facebook!

Today, I launched the new Facebook page for Shiraz In My Sippy Cup. I would have never thought it would happen but this blog has ended up meaning a lot to me. It originally started as an avenue to discuss my life but in the end, it's turned out to be more than that. I've been able to connect with tons of great people across the country and even crazier - I have readers internationally. Crazy, but very cool!

So, check us out on Facebook and give us a 'Like' if you'd like. :-)



21 March 2013

Giddy Up!

Someone loves their new toy. Giddy up!

(Life is so amazing with this love that I've found.)

Happy Spring!

Courtney, Michael & Madeline

15 March 2013

My Friday Favorites - Mommy Edition

There are lots of things a busy mom needs to keep her life running smoothly. These are my must-have items of late that keep this mom (And beautiful toddler!) happy and at our best.

1. Little Tikes Rocking Horse

(Photo credit: Little Tikes Website)

I had no idea Maddy was in love with this toy until I dropped her off at day care last week and she immediately went running to get on the one in her class. Her teacher told me that she lives on it and really gets the thing going. Fortunately, it is an extremely safe rocker with a deep seat, wide handles, and lots of room for foot placement to keep her balanced. The added bonus? The extreme look of joy and happiness on her face. I immediately texted daddy to tell him and before I knew it, he had left the office and was on a mission to find his little girl a horse. (Heart.Melt) Unfortunately, all the stores he went to were out so a few quick clicks online got us a horse. 

Amazon: $35 plus shipping.

2. Tommee Tippee Spoons

(Photo credit: Target website)

If you read the post from last night then you know that we've introduced utensils to Maddy's feedings. She is doing really well and I think a large majority of her success has to do with these spoons. They have a wide base on the handle that makes it easy for small hands to grasp and the oval feeding head is the perfect size for a toddler's mouth. Added bonus? They clean easily in the dishwasher. 

Target: $4 for a pack of 8

3. The Target Spring Clothing Line

This dress! Enough said. Target has really upped their game this Spring with the release of their girls clothing line. It is an amazing mix of J. Crew, Gap, and Old Navy but at the amazing Target price. And sure - you could pay more simply for a label but WHY WOULD YOU? Add in the fact that I get to use my father's employee discount AND my Target Red Card that saves me an additional 5% and it's a no brainer. 

4. Yellow Tail Shiraz

(Photo Credit: istock)

My drink of choice. Every mommy has those days when only a nice glass of wine will do at the end of a hard day. Pair it with a beautiful Colorado sunset and you have heaven. Cheers!

Yellow Tail Shiraz: $12/bottle

5.  Bath & Body Works Jasmine Vanilla Body Wash & Bath      Soak

(Photo credit: Bath & Body Works Website)

And after a nice glass of wine what could be better than a hot and relaxing bubble bath? Um...nothing! I love bubble baths and don't take them nearly enough but this bath and body soak makes me want to live in the tub. It is so relaxing and soothing. Aaaaah!

Happy Friday!


14 March 2013

Life Update

Hello blog world!

You've been gone but not forgotten. I know, I know. I get you guys all hyped up about our blog and then leave you hanging. My apologies. Mommy has been taking a little break from the Internet, social media and electronics in general. It really wasn't a conscience choice...it just kind of happened. One night of not logging on turned into two, to three, and well, you get the point. At any rate, it was nice having a break for a while. Honestly, I think we could all use time away from computers, websites, blogs, Facebook - all of it. But that's just my two cents. On with the show!

Lately, I've received a lot of email notifications from Pinterest that people from all over the world have decided to follow our blog (I have a link on my Pinterest page to the blog) and while I'm flattered, I immediately started feeling guilty that I haven't kept up with this blog and here I have people who, that don't even know me, want to know me. So, I'm trying to get back into the swing of things with the blog and I'll make a better attempt at keeping it current.

Life for us has been busy but pretty mundane (in a good way) at the same time. Maddy is growing up so fast. She is now 19 months and WIDE OPEN. We no longer have our little baby...

Instead, we have a beautiful, happy, healthy toddler...

(Awww...Isn't that the cutest face you've ever seen?!)

Chickie is a phenomenal little girl. She's so smart and is learning at warp speed. Every day I notice something new that she has picked up and it amazes me to watch her grow and morph into this little human-being. Sometimes I sit back and all I can think is, "Wow...how in the hell did I create something so cool?!" But I did and it was the best thing I've ever done in my life. Honestly, it's pretty fucking amazing.

She is developing a very sweet spirit and loves to nurture and take care of her dolls and stuffed animals. She keeps her Elmo (AKA "mo-mo") doll attached to the hip and she loves to diaper him, talk to him, and keep him covered and fed. I swear to God it's the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Instant heart melt. 

Her favorite words of late are Eeew, stinky, and crack-crack. Yes - crack-crack. This would be what Maddy calls Ritz crackers. And as a side note, I've never seen a kid so madly in love with these things. I mean, we're talking a full-blown, nuclear meltdown if she isn't able to have one in either her face or her hand at any given time. Imagine the fun I have strolling through Target with a child screaming "CRACK-CRACK!!!!" at the top of her lungs. Yeah...good times.

Speaking of food, we've recently ventured into the world of utensils. It's interesting to say the least. I mean, I find food everywhere that has been flung all over my kitchen but hey - she's learning. And it's all good. 

(First time using a spoon - not too shabby!)

One of the coolest parts of being a parent is when you start picking your kid up from day care and all of a sudden you have the first-ever set of art craft projects to take home. And look - I don't care who you are - you can be Thug Father of the World and the moment your kid hands you a Valentine heart with their first set of handprints, it will melt your heart. Maddy's day care is actually pretty good with doing arts and crafts for the kids to develop their motor skills and creativity. Here are her first doodles...

(A natural Van Gogh if I do say so myself)

After learning of her love for coloring, I immediately went out and bought crayons and paper (Yeah, I'm a little whipped). We take time a few days a week to turn off the TV and all the noise to just sit and color. It is time a cherish. We talk. We color. We bond. 

We also take A TON of time to be silly. Like, shit loads of time. 

(OK...I may have thrown this one in just to be silly...)

And when mommy and daddy need a break, we find time for date night. Our latest date night included dinner at Brooklyn's downtown Denver and then we caught the Nuggest vs. Knicks game from a suite at the Pepsi Center downtown. It was a great night; lots of laughs, drinks, and good food. 

At the end of the day, I look forward to one thing. Bath time. It absolutely has to be my favorite part of the day. Chickie is so happy in the tub - I mean truly happy. It takes me back to a time when I remember what genuine happiness felt like before deadlines, jobs, bills, responsibilities - you know, life. Madeline centers me. She reminds me of all the good left in this world; her smile brightens my life and to hear her laugh is, well, it's pretty incredible. She is my reason for everything.

So, that's life for now. It's not anything special but it's everything. Cheers to you and your loved ones!

Courtney, Michael & Madeline