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You’ve made it to my blog and I’m so happy you’re here. The fact that you have landed on my sponsor page means you value relationships. You have a blog of your own or you may own a business that is near and dear to you but most of all, you have a story to tell. You have dreams. You have goals. You have passion.

I know this, because I do too.

For this very reason, your story matters. My partnership options aren’t just a simple exchange of money and goods for services. To me, it’s the beginning of a long-term friendship in which I make it my mission to promote your unique stories, your amazing products and your growing business with my readers and friends to show them how truly special you are.

With 16+ years in marketing and communications in both the corporate and non-profit worlds combined with 5+ years of blogging, ten published pieces of work, two blog awards and one award in marketing and event planning, I know what works and what doesn’t work in promoting and growing your blog, your business and your dreams.

Whether it’s a strategic branding, mentoring, or product and business collaborations, you can rest assured that I have your goals and dreams at heart as we work together to reach your target readers and potential audience.

Growing your blog or business can seem like a huge undertaking, but I’m here to help. When you're ready to take that leap of faith to rise to the next level, contact me at   

We will make it happen. 

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